Why We’re Different

For Operators, By Operators

  • One of the largest SPAC teams in order to fully support companies beyond just the public listing
  • Unparalleled experience in C-level functions
  • >$400bn in enterprise value created, >$130bn in revenue increase, >$600bn of M&A value, >40 IPO transactions

Aligned Incentives

  • Team has invested 100% of risk capital (no outside sponsor)
  • Intention to put promote in earn-outs to align incentives with our partner company
  • 500,000 share ($5 million) bonus to incentivize extended team members based on individual contributions & company performance
  • ⅕ warrant coverage puts us in the top decile of SPACs, with low dilution for our partner company

Elite Fundamental Investors Aligned for the Long-Term

  • Decades-long relationships with elite fundamental investors, such as Wellington, Bain Capital, Tudor and many others, who have been cultivated to invest in our SPAC IPO
  • Similarly impressive PIPE relationships to bring long-term commitments for our partner company

Unlocking Business Value from DEI

  • We are the most diverse, inclusive SPAC, period.
  • We believe there is tremendous value to be unlocked from strategically executing DEI initiatives in a high-growth company
  • Deep roster of diverse Board candidates for our partner company
  • Tactical DEI playbook honed at companies like Google, Intel, American Express, and Gusto to tangibly execute on the promise of diversity

Fortune 500 Partnerships and Customer Introductions

  • Ursula Burns is sought out by large-company CEOs every week for advice and served as Vice Chair of the Business Roundtable for years
  • Other members of the team personally advise 70 of the Fortune 100 CEOs
  • Board and Leadership Council members bring broader connectivity, introductions, and partnership potential to almost any company out there

Accelerating Growth in the Public Markets

  • Accelerating Through the Bell playbook to drive growth in the public markets
  • Playbook matches our partner company with proven functional executives to help fill gaps or build on areas of strength, created by likes of the former COO of Microsoft, CEO of Palo Alto Networks, CFO of Smartsheet or Doordash or Zendesk, Chief Revenue Officer of Tableau, Chief Accounting Officer of DocuSign, Chief Diversity Officer of Google, etc.

Certainty to Close

  • Goldman Sachs-backed SPACs have a 0% median redemption rate for SPAC IPO shares, compared to 58% for Citi and JPMorgan
  • Goldman Sachs ranks #1 in PIPE deals over the past three years and includes a “who’s who” of public market investors that invested in Goldman’s PIPE opportunities